How to Secure Asset Storage for Construction Site Theft Prevention

Construction Site Theft Prevention

For construction project managers, Construction Site Theft Prevention risk management plays a critical role in the success of every project, and among the key risks at any construction site is potential theft. The National Equipment Register and National Insurance Crime Bureau estimate $400 million in annual construction site theft costs. Their report states the obvious: theft occurs most often in areas with less security.

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Construction project managers invest in diverse, layered security measures to thwart would-be thieves, including:

  • Fencing the construction site perimeter
  • Hanging signs alerting loiterers or intruders to video surveillance
  • Controlling access to assets and inventory by issuing keys only to supervisors
  • Training all workers on tool inventory procedures
  • Recording equipment check-ins and check-outs

Today’s construction projects are fast-moving operations with high headcounts, third-party contractors, and constantly changing conditions.

Leaders in the construction industry are increasingly using asset management technologies like barcode scanning, IoT (Internet of Things) sensors, and RAIN RFID (radio frequency identification) tags and labels. Investing in more advanced asset management technologies can help companies do an even better job securing and tracking equipment, tools, Construction Site Theft Prevention, and consumables inventories. Here are my top takeaways from our conversation.

Thieves are less likely to steal what they can’t see.

That’s one key way a modified shipping container improves protection for high-value assets. The simplicity of shipping containers makes them a great option to add extra layers of security. Technology like an asset management solution uses barcode labels, scanners, and IoT technologies to level security where needed.

shipping container storage unit with roll up door

Item-Level Asset Management Systems Deliver Real-Time Inventory Visibility

Using a combination of barcode labels, mobile scanners, RFID tags, asset management software solutions, and IoT-equipped secure storage solutions, construction site managers can effectively create smart equipment enclosures with capabilities including:

  • Equipment check-in/check-out and chain of custody
  • Maintenance schedule tracking and reporting
  • Hours of use monitoring and alerts
  • RFID location tracking
  • Enclosure access control
  • Consumables inventory monitoring

Considering the difference in cost between RFID labels and barcode labels, it makes the best sense to apply barcode labels and use scanners to check the most common items in and out. High-value tools and equipment that requires maintenance or hours-of-service record-keeping are better candidates for RFID solutions.

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Data Capture Can Add Even Greater Business Value

An asset tracking and management system can also help construction businesses tap into the value of data, Construction Site Theft Prevention monitor inventory levels, and use tools and consumables, to inform sourcing and purchasing decisions better and find new opportunities to work more efficiently.

Adding Technology to Help Secure Your Worksite

Technology integrators with teams of experts are the place to start a conversation about adding asset management and IoT capabilities to a container. Their teams have the experience and insight to ask the right questions about work environments, users, processes, and more.

From there, Construction Site Theft Prevention experts can make recommendations about the right technologies and the best options to achieve your security, inventory control, and data capture objectives. They can engineer a system to fit your secure storage container with the capabilities you need — without sacrificing structural integrity.

Your optimal job site enclosure starts with a review of our standard plans and customization options. From there, we’ll discuss the modifications you need — and if you’re working with a tech integrator to implement asset tracking infrastructure, we can collaborate to ensure an optimal fit. Give us a call at +1 (775) 301-5149  or email us at E-MAIL: SUPPORT@USPCONTAINERSHIPPING.COM We’re happy to discuss your project in greater detail.


Question: How do you ensure security on a construction site?

Answer: When the day’s work is over, secure the locations appropriately. Excavations and pits should be shielded or covered. Isolate and immobilize vehicles and equipment, and if feasible, secure them in a complex. Building supplies (such as pipes, manhole rings, and cement bags) should be stored in a way that prevents them from falling or rolling over.


Question: What is construction site security?

Answer: The goal of construction site security is to safeguard tools, equipment, materials, workers, visitors, and the community. As a result, your security solutions should include asset protection, loss prevention, and public safety.


Question: How can we prevent loss and theft?

Answer: Loss prevention seeks to protect a company’s earnings by eliminating losses caused by theft, fraud, or operational failures. Loss prevention is often utilized in the retail industry to solve issues like shoplifting and staff theft, but it is also employed in other industries where theft and fraud are common.

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