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Shipping Containers For Sale

If you’re looking for Shipping Containers For Sale, you’ve come to the right place. On our online container marketplace, you get quality shipping containers at great prices. Read this blog to find out more.

To help you with all this, we present to you USP Container Shipping – a leading online global marketplace where you can buy, sell, or lease containers. Shipping Containers For Sale.

With over 50,000+ containers available in 2500+ locations globally, our platform makes it easier to browse through container offers on a single dashboard. All our members go through a vetting process, so you don’t have to spend time doing a background check yourself.

Just use the public search below and fill in your requirements like container type and location. Then, browse through multiple offers from vetted sellers and choose the best container deals.

Buy new and used shipping containers in 2500+ locations

Shipping containers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and conditions. The container you choose should depend on your cargo requirements and how long you’ll use the container.

On xChange, you can buy both new and used shipping containers in 2500+ locations globally. We have containers available in various conditions, including one-trip (new), cargo-worthy (used), and wind and watertight (WWT).

When you’re deciding whether you should buy a new or a used container, you should keep your budget, use-time, and your cargo requirements in mind.

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Plus, you can choose from 12 different container types on our platform depending on your cargo requirements. Click here to check out container offers in your location and buy containers at the best price.

How to Shipping Containers For Sale in 3-easy Steps

Our trading platform is the first one-of-its-kind online marketplace for buyers and sellers to connect and trade shipping containers globally. The marketplace streamlines and digitizes the entire buying process, from start to finish. Here’s a step-by-step process of how easy it is to buy containers on xChange online.

Tell us your shipping container requirements

The first thing you must decide on is your shipping container requirements. This includes the container type, container condition, location, and the number of containers you need. You can fill in all these requirements to find container deals that fit your needs. Plus, you can also activate the market scanner to get notified about new offers on our platform.

Shipping Containers For Sale

Shipping Containers For Sale

Browse through container offers and prices

Once you’ve filled in your requirements, you’ll get multiple container offers to choose from. You can check out the prices and company ratings and choose the best deals – all from a single dashboard. All our members go through a vetting process, so you don’t have to worry about doing a background check of the seller yourself. To give you an example, let’s say you have to buy 40ft HC containers in Hamburg, Germany.

container offers and prices

Browse through container offers and prices

You can see from the above image that there are currently 15 active offers available on our platform for 40ft HC containers. All you’ve to do is compare the prices of these multiple offers and shortlist containers within your budget.

Negotiate and book the best container deals for you

Not happy with the prices offered by the seller? Well, you can connect with the seller directly on xChange and negotiate for better prices. Our platform omits the need for any broker or middleman. This way, both buyers and sellers can connect directly and negotiate the trading terms.

best container deals for you

best container deals for you

Once you’ve negotiated the prices, simply confirm the deal to get your containers. Yes, it’s that easy! To give you an additional level of safety, you can make payments through USP Container Shop. Our wallet ensures that your money is safe. Once you’ve made the payment for containers through our wallet, we keep this money with us for 7 days. This is to ensure you get your containers. And once you do, we release the funds to the seller’s account.

With 50,000+ containers in 2500+ locations, Container xChange makes it easy for you to buy containers with a few clicks. We work with 1500+ vetted members on our platform and so can you! Join our platform to buy containers at the best prices. Simply click the banner below to get started. Want a more detailed guide on how to Shipping Containers For Sale? Read our step-by-step guide for buying a container.

How much should you pay for shipping containers?

To get the best container deals, you should be aware of the current container prices. This will give you an upper hand in your negotiations and ensure you’re buying containers at the right prices.

Standard shipping container prices (new)
Location 20ft 40ft HC
China $2206 $3698
USA $2400 $3927
UAE $2900 $3245
Europe $2340 $2899
India $3987 $4837

Want to check out the prices of 40ft standard containers? Click here to browse through the prices in your location and find the best deals.

Used shipping container price

Used or cargo-worthy containers often have some damage, like dents and scratches.  Let’s take a look at their prices.

Standard shipping container prices (cargo-worthy)
Location 20ft 40ft 40ft HC
China $1314 $1636 $1712
USA $1465 $2700 $2251
UAE $1300 $1822 $1994
Europe $1018 $2307 $2000
India $1241 $2118 $2300

That’s why it’s important to be updated about the current market prices to make profitable deals. Read on to learn how you can access container prices yourself.

Know the real-time container prices for negotiation

The prices of containers depend on a variety of factors like location, container type, and demand and supply. That’s why the prices fluctuate regularly.  To help you with this, we present it to you. On Insights, you can access container prices in 60+ locations globally within seconds. This allows you to enter new markets easily and gain an upper hand in negotiations.

real-time container prices for negotiation

real-time container prices for negotiation

Let’s continue with the example of 40ft HC containers in Europe and see how Insights can help you make profitable deals. This way, you’re saving almost $1000 by simply being aware of the market prices!

And that’s not it. You can see the price development over weeks, months, and years and get access to our monthly logistics reports. This gives you a better understanding of the container market price cycle and helps you determine the best time to buy and sell equipment.

Buy shipping containers online at the best prices with xChange

If you’re in the business of container trading, we’ve got an offer you can’t miss!

Find container sellers in 2500+ locations globally

At Container xChange, we offer you an online global container marketplace where you can connect with sellers in 2500+ locations. This makes it easier for you to buy containers where you need them with just a few clicks.

All you have to do is: State your requirements, get offers from container traders, negotiate with a genuine partner, and get containers anywhere around the world. It’s that easy — no emails, no calls, no hurdles!

No brokers. Deal directly with sellers

Tired of sneaky commissions hiking up the final container price? On Container xChange, you can buy containers from vetted sellers at 0% commission. Our platform omits the needs of any brokers or middlemen who take cuts in container deals. By connecting directly with the sellers, you can even negotiate the prices and buy containers at the best prices.

Make safe and secure payments

We keep your money on hold with us for 7 days to ensure you get your containers. Our dedicated Customer Service team makes sure that your container operations go smoothly. And that your payments are completely secure.

Choose between 50,000+ containers

  • With 50,000+ containers available globally, xChange makes it easier for you to get your hands on the box you need.
  • You get all this right from your computer screen.
  • Ready to buy containers online? Book a free demo of our platform by clicking the banner below and buy containers at the best price.



Question: Are shipping containers waterproof?

Answer: It is vital to remember that when used as cargo boxes, shipping containers are deemed wind and watertight, which means they shut off wind and water. Containers can sail at sea while being protected from these elements, keeping the stored contents secure.

Question: What is the maximum 20 ft container?

Answer: A 20-foot container is 5.90 meters long, 2.35 meters wide, and 2.39 meters tall. The width of the door is 2.34 meters, while the height is 2.28 meters. The tare weight is around 2,300 kilograms. The payload is the maximum loading capacity of a 20’container, and it is 28,200 kg.

Question: Can ship containers sink?

Answer: When most containers strike the water, they descend quickly to the ocean floor. However, depending on their contents, they may float for days or even weeks before sinking beneath the water’s surface. Because of the buoyant insulation, this procedure can take much longer for chilled containers. Buy Shipping Containers For Sale.

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